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The 12th Charity Wine Dinner of Beijing Hong Kong Jockey Club Clubhouse

The 12th Charity Wine Dinner of Beijing Hong Kong Jockey Club Clubhouse was successfully held on 1 November 2019. Over RMB2,190,000 was raised for good causes, with net proceeds donated to the ZhongShe Social Work Development Foundation under the Ministry of Civil Affairs to improve the livelihood, education, medical and rehabilitation services in underdeveloped areas.

This year, The Hong Kong Jockey Club unveiled a brand new Members’ value statement: “Lifestyle of Champions”. This statement is anchored around three pillars: “Horse Connoisseur”, which embodies the Club’s passion for world-class horse sports; “Social Sophistication”, which embodies the pursuit of an exquisite lifestyle; and “Community Leadership”, which embodies the spirit of giving back to society. Giving back to society is the highest honour, and the 12th annual Charity Wine Dinner “Drops of Treasure” reflected the unique values of Beijing Clubhouse Members well, especially during this most meaningful year.

A vast array of precious items was put together for the dinner as part of our efforts to give back to society. Some of the items were rare wines that date back more than a century. These legendary bottles contain the quintessence of different types of terroir and the sophisticated techniques of winemakers. They also are a reflection of The Hong Kong Jockey Club’s commitment to society and community leaders’ love for others. Through our good deeds, we hope to set a good example and encourage more people to give back to society and help those in need. This is the reason we hold a Charity Wine Dinner every year.

On the night, lots of Members, partners and The Hong Kong Jockey Club’s executives attended the event, including: Chief Executive Officer Mr Winfried Engelbrecht-Bresges; Executive Director, Corporate Planning, Branding and Membership Ms Scarlette Leung; Director of Hospitality Services and Operations Mr Thomas Hahn; Head of Membership (Mainland Development) Mr Gilbert Cheng; Executive Manager, Strategy Projects (Hong Kong and Mainland) Mr Tony Tang; Assistant of Beijing Clubhouse Manager Ms Selina Lee; Senior Membership Development Manager (Mainland) Ms Mandy Or; Deputy Secretary-General of China Association of Social Workers Mr Zhao Guan Jun; Owner of Domaine Bouchard Pere & Files, Champagne Henriot and Domaine William Fevre in Chablis Mr Gilles de Larouziere; Art Collector and President of M. James Art Mr Monte James who provided an acrylic painting “Before The Pic” with Picasso’s signature; antique experts, the donator of an ink landscape “In the Forest”, and Member of The Hong Kong Jockey Club Mr Andy Hei.

“This is our 12th dinner, which is thanks to the exceptional generosity of Members, who have actively supported this dinner for many years,” Mr Winfried Engelbrecht-Bresges said. “Indeed the care and compassion shown by our Members reflects the strong commitment to the betterment of society which is at the heart of The Hong Kong Jockey Club and is our very purpose.”

Mr Zhao Guo Jun, who gives strong support to the Charity Wine Dinner every year, said at the event: “Over the years, China's contemporary philanthropic services have changed from serving only the education and healthcare sectors to focusing on poverty alleviation, disability, disaster relief, sports, culture, environmental protection, community, and so on. Channels of fund raising from the generosity of entrepreneurs to public action has become a life model. These 12 years of the Charity Wine Dinner have been the best of times!”

Ms Scarlette Leung expressed her gratitude to the Members and ZhongShe Social Work Development Foundation. Reviewing the 12 years of philanthropic activities, she said: “Since the opening of Beijing Clubhouse 12 years ago, our Members have been committed to a variety of charitable causes. This annual event brings us altogether to accomplish the Club’s Membership Value Proposition of ‘Lifestyle of Champions’.”

This year's menu was jointly crafted by Beijing Clubhouse Executive Sous Chef Mr Johnson Meng and The Hong Kong Jockey Club “The Hilltop in the Valley” Clubhouse Catering Chef de Cuisine Mr Julian Cassette, and perfectly paired with a selection of fine wines.

The auction session was the highlight of the night, and Senior Director and Managing Director-Operations of Sotheby’s Mr Robert Sleigh, who has joined us for many years, was the auctioneer.  No less than 17 collections went under the hammer, including 14 wine selections from Domaine Bouchard Pere & Fils, Champagne Henriot and Domaine William Fevre in Chablis; a private dinner with Sotheby’s Wine, and two works of art. Members were active to participate in the bidding and to contribute for the good cause of charity. Time passed quickly, and within a few minutes, the auction for all 17 lots gradually came to a close. In the end, Mr Thomas Hahn announced that the Charity Wine Dinner raised a total of RMB2.19 million, and this marked the successful conclusion of the 12th Charity Wine Dinner of Beijing Clubhouse.

For years, Beijing Clubhouse has been building a philanthropic platform for its Members through various activities that continuously promote the charity work of the Club in the Mainland. These activities help to improve people’s livelihood, as well as provide educational, medical and rehabilitative services in underdeveloped areas. In conjunction with the 70th anniversary of the Motherland, and to support the Central Committee’s efforts to alleviate poverty, while adhering to the Club’s purpose of “Riding High Together for a Better Future”, Beijing Clubhouse, together with the China Association of Social Workers, donated RMB1 million, to the ecological restoration of “Ba Shi Li Zhou” in Wuchang village, Fanglou Town, Lianhua County, Jiangxi Province, and also supported various tourism projects with a view to improving the lives of local villagers. The ground-breaking ceremony was held on 23 September 2019, and restoration will be completed by the end of the year.

Beijing Clubhouse has also launched various poverty alleviation projects, including the reconstruction of Baibi Primary School in Zanhuang County; the Qinghai Philanthropic Trip of Hundred People to support education in the highland; the construction of dormitories and teaching buildings of Jigme Gyaltsen Welfare School in Qinghai Province, as well as scholarships and a sales platform for school-produced cheese. A Hubei philanthropic trip to support education in remote areas; An Adream Centre project that enables children in underdeveloped areas to enjoy high-quality education programmes. A parent-child summer camp project to cultivate children’s awareness and understanding of charitable causes. Free screening and surgery for nearly 1,000 children with congenital heart disease; A donation for a playground and a gym for Duancun Primary School. A charity sale supporting the artistic pursuits of the autistic children of Golden Wings. The Clubhouse’s volunteer team also actively participants in community activities, such as caring for orphans and disabled children at Angel’s Home, and regularly organising charity activities to support causes including environmental protection. Since 2014, the Charity for Mid-Autumn Festival project has launched numerous programmes to benefit schools and organisations including Dandelion Middle School, Golden Wings, Yirui Foundation, Chunhui Boai and Aream Foundation.

Behind these caring actions, there is a steady stream of mutual support and trust from Beijing Clubhouse and its Members. As Mencius said, “A person who loves will always be loved by others”. Every encounter and every benevolent act embodies a deep friendship. For years, Beijing Clubhouse has brought together many generous souls. Time passes, but our philanthropic work will only pick up pace and will never stop.