Midsummer Wine Promotion - Single Malt Whisky Selection

1 July – 31 July

The Derby

Tomatin Distillery, founded in 1897, is located on the east side of the Monalia Highland. It is an old whisky distillery which was once the largest in Scotland. Today, Tomatin Distillery is still a leader in the industry. Its highland whisky has a delicate taste, soft aroma, and distinctive flavour. Tomatin was honoured with the 2017 Best Whisky Brand Innovator Award, for its high-quality single malt whisky. The distillery experiments innovatively with different styles.

Thomas' 14 years:

  • RMB115 per glass;
  • RMB1,380 per bottle

Thomas' 18 years:

  • RMB165 per glass;
  • RMB 1,980 per bottle

*During the promotion period, you can choose any of the above full bottles of whisky, to enjoy the classic snack Huangfeihong Peanut with Fried Chicken Wings (18 pieces), and six bottles of soda water.