Selected Spanish Craft Beers

1 - 30 September

The Lounge, The Derby and Autumn Garden

Characterised by their passionate style and refreshing taste, Spanish craft beers are a great way to get together with friends and have fun now! Savour nine kinds of Spanish craft and draft beers this month, at very special prices per glass :

  • Mica Oro - RMB¥65 per bottle
  • Dawat Passion - RMB¥60 per bottle
  • Dawat Pedro Ximenez - RMB¥60 per bottle
  • Toro de Osborne - RMB¥65 per bottle
  • Tyris Craft Beer - RMB¥60 per bottle
  • Arriaca Trigo Craft Beer - RMB¥60 per bottle
  • Dawat Café Craft Draft - RMB¥ 65 per bottle
  • Dawat Trigo Craft - RMB¥ 65 per glass
  • Dawat Imperial Vanilla Stout Draft - RMB¥60 per glass