Vintage Yu-Chang Jasmine Tea

1 - 30 September

The Lounge

The blend of jasmine and tea is one of the most exquisite tastes and fragrances in the world, with a long-lasting and unforgettable scent.

You can now enjoy sipping jasmine tea or purchase specially priced gift boxes of jasmine tea at The Lounge.

Yu-Chang Jasmine Tea

  • Songzhen 1st Grade
    RMB¥68 per person/ RMB¥138 per pot
  • Longzhu 1st Grade
    RMB¥88 per person/ RMB¥138 per pot
  • Luowang Special Grade
    RMB¥108 per person/ RMB¥238 per pot
  • Jinzhenwang Special Grade
    RMB¥138 per person/ RMB¥338 per pot
  • Xiaoshouyuan Special Grade
    RMB¥158/ RMB¥368
  • Nuerhuan Special Grade
    RMB¥198/ RMB¥468

Yu-Chang Jasmine Tea Gift Boxes

  • Songzhen 1st Grade (150g)
    RMB¥568 per box
  • Longzhu 1st Grade (250g)
    RMB¥980 per box
  • Luowang Special Grade (150g)
    RMB¥698 per box
  • Jinzhenwang Special Grade (150g)
    RMB¥1,280 per box
  • Xiaoshouyuan Special Grade (250g)
  • Nuerhuan Special Grade (150g)
    RMB¥1,980 per box