Dining at The Club

A Taste of Oi Suen

Chef Johnson Meng uses his master culinary skills to bring you a selection of unique dishes...

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Sushi Suggestions

This June, take time to relax and unwind, Japanese-style...

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A Delicious New Dimension

The world of dining is continually evolving, with creative new ideas and combinations.

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Hot Pots for Summer

The Capital is launching a selection of seasonal hot pots for you to enjoy this summer.

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The Capital Collection

Combining seasonal ingredients and his wide range of culinary skills...

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Masters of Malt

This month, sample a range of specially selected whiskies at The Derby - Multi-function Rooms...

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Why Limit Happy to An Hour?

Make every hour a happy hour - invite your family and friends for an exclusive gathering ...

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Bubbly Benefits

It’s never easy to find the perfect wine, but Champagne always goes down well. For your next gathering with friends and family...

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A Sampling of Spanish Craft Beers

It’s always good to get together with friends and colleagues for a drink, and even more so this June with The Lounge and The Derby’s...

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Jasmine Tea Gift Boxes

Subtly sweet and highly fragrant, jasmine tea has an unforgettable flavour...

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Aged Vintage Yu-Chang Pu-Er Tea

China’s tea heritage comes alive with a selection of aged Yu-Chang Pu-Er teas, served in the Chinese ambience...

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